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Gluten Free Bread Challenge

I love carbs just as much as the next person, but I have friends and family who are gluten intolerant, so I decided it was time to delve into the gluten free lifestyle and learn what it was all about! I’m not totally going to cut it out, but cutting it back sounds easy enough, right?

For all those newbies, I was in your boat. What even is gluten?! According to my quick google search, it’s the ingredient that holds baked goods together. Gluten is found in wheat (so if something is wheat free, it doesn’t mean it is gluten free!!) Luckily, when food is gluten free it is pretty obviously labeled with a crossed grain symbol!

As I’ve made pretty clear, I’m a big foodie, so I’m not about to trade taste for healthiness! My gluten free girlfriend challenged me to find gluten free bread that doesn’t taste like a brick – challenge accepted! The first trick I learned – avoid anything with just rice flour! Yuck!

3 Gluten Free Breads

Aidan’s Gluten Free

My favourite brand is Aidan’s – they have gluten free buns, pitas, English muffins, bagels and bread. Not only is it gluten free, but also dairy, egg, soy, sesame seed, and nut free! This is very important because a lot of people abstaining from gluten also have other intolerances! The best part of this bread is that it is sold fresh! A lot of gluten free is put in the freezer, and you never get to experience the freshness of bread that is pure bliss. You can find this delicacy at: Whole Foods, Pusateri’s, Longos, Ambrosia, The Big Carrot, and Nature’s Emporium. Trust me, it’s worth it!


O’Doughs has great options that are very easy to find! Often in the big grocery stores like Metro and Sobeys, this brand definitely has a convenience aspect to it! Although their products are sold in the freezer, they are still delicious! My favourite are the gluten free bagels that they sell! They are very thin and light, making my classic bagel with cream cheese a little bit healthier and less in calories! Many of these products vouch high fiber, and superseeds! These breads are certified vegan and non-GMO so you can enjoy every last bite without unnecessary additives!

Queen Street Bakery

Made right in Toronto, this bread is the freshest that it gets! Selling in loaves and buns, all of Queen Street Bakery’s products are all-natural and great tasting! This bread has no preservatives and tastes great! Represent the 6ix with this authentic bread!


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