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Keeping a Clean Home With Our 4 Legged Friends

Having both a cat and a dog, I’m determined to not show up at work in the morning with hair all over me!

The easiest solution, not to mention relaxing and soothing, is brushing the cat's luscious locks. My cat loves to be brushed and rolls all around purring. Our dog is hypoallergenic so no worries there for us! I know some of my girlfriends have beautiful hairy dogs that shed, and they say brushing is really the only way to combat it. There are many different pet brushes out there for different hair types. They are a wide range of prices as well, so do your research! I prefer the brushes that targets the undercoat. Besides brushing, not allowing them on furniture is a possible solution. But we all know that enforcing those rules with puppy (or kitty) eyes staring at you is so hard! If you are like me and let your animals everywhere, a handy dandy vacuum will be your new best friend.

Okay so there are also the drawbacks of having pets – messes. Whether it be urine, feces or vomit, all pet owners have been there! If it is cat urine, the most important part is to get rid of the ammonia, even beyond what we can smell, because otherwise the cat will continue to soil that area. There are various pet cleaners that you can get at any pet store that specialize in this. This is important because traditional carpet and floor cleaners aren’t designed to get rid of ammonia. These pet cleaners are great for vomit and feces too, as long as you wipe up as much as you can with paper towel before! And remember – blot don’t rub!

With dogs, or at least our sweet Dixie, we don’t have many issues other than them tracking mud through the house even after wiping their paws. The best solution is to let the mud dry and then vacuum it up. If you try and deal with it when its wet, it will just get worse!

Although sometimes pets messes are a burden, your fur babies are so worth it! They truly become part of the family!


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